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Dry vans are truck trailers with an enclosure that protects freight from the elements — the typical semi-truck being a perfect example. Dry van trailers are versatile, efficient, and relied on because of how they keep loads dry.  The perfect option to haul items like consumer goods (clothing, some electronics, machinery, packaged foods, etc.)


Perishable freight that needs to be transported in temperature-controlled vehicles is referred to as refrigerated or reefer freight. Reefer trailers are typically 53 feet long with insulated walls, floors, doors, and roofs. They usually have a temperature control unit attached to the front wall and a cloth chute that allows temperature-controlled air to travel to the back of the trailer so the same temperature is maintained throughout the truck.


Tankers endorsement allow our drivers to transport a variety of products, such as chemicals, liquids, gases, beverages and dry goods, such as grain or powders. Our drivers are certified and they can haul this kind of freight in order to satisfy your needs. 


Tankers are used to transport a variety of liquids, such as chemicals, liquids, gases, beverages and dry goods, such as grain. Time critical or expedited services provide the kind of solutions that you require to solve time-sensitive challenges


High tech devices, medical equipment, you name it. With this service your business can ship safely all across the states.


Small shipping? with us there is no need to fill the entire truck.

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Faith Deliveries Corp, is a nationwide transportation company located in Atlanta, GA. Family owned and operated and founded in 2012. It counts with professional and experienced logistics specialists prepared and eager to provide punctual and efficient services to your business.

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